The Social Project // Series 8

January 31, 2019

I am SO excited to be back for another year of The Social Project, and with so many new and exciting changes this year [if you haven’t done so already you can read the most recent post about what is in store for #TheSocialProject here].

Our first episode of the new year was one for the books, chatting with two iconic business babes in our area – Hattie Dunstan [from Hattitude Jewels & Funstans], as well as Jenn Kavanagh [from Jenn Kavanagh Photography].

One of the BIGGEST changes for the new year was that we changed The Social Project episodes from blog posts to podcasts, but also that this year instead of just getting together to have one of the creatives involved teach us something we are all choosing an activity or task to do together that either a) we have never done before but have always wanted to try, or b) are completely terrified of! The hope here is to inspire and challenge by doing something a little outside of our comfort zones.

For this episode we decided to make French Onion Soup. Honestly, Hattie & I are not the strongest cooks, in fact I wouldn’t even call us cooks at all, and we both have always wanted to try and make French Onion Soup. So we thought hey even if we fail at least we tried [luckily for us Jenn was a secret wizard in the kitchen and basically just took control, so our soup was actually delicious and comforting, #winning].

The images from our day were captured by Jenn, and of course my foster puppies made an appearance [how cute are they!?]. You can listen to the full podcast at the link below [I promise we will be up on Spotify and iTunes soon!]. If you have any questions for Hattie, Jenn or myself send The Social Project a message on Instagram at @project_social_

Thank you so much for following along with The Social Project. As always, I want to leave you all with a question and a challenge – who did you inspire today? Who could you inspire tomorrow? Or maybe you need the inspiring? Whichever or whatever it is get out there and create, spread some empowerment and truth around and lift each other up! You never know what might be brewing, or what magic you might create.

If you’re interested in being a part of The Social Project, please reach out to

Until next time,