The Social Project // Series 10

March 26, 2019

Have you ever come back from a social event or a work project and just felt the creativity and the love bursting out of you? Well that’s how we felt when we were unwinding from our day with March guests Evelyn Barkey & Lea Marcucci.

These ladies take community over competition to the next level and we just love being in their presence. Their passion for life, their loooovve for what they do, the way they support one another, their genuine kindness – all of it is infectious and left us feeling like better creatives because of it.

We spent the day catching up over a delicious meal prepared by Lea in her stunning Oakville home, drinking some wine and swapping stories. After probably way too much food Lea spent some time to teach us some yoga poses to help us pause and take a moment every day for ourselves.

Images from our day were captured by Evelyn, and you can listen to the full podcast at the link below. There were moments we all got SO excited we started talking louder and over each other haha, we totally forgot to shut our phones off because you can hear them buzzing in the background, and this is our longest episode so far; so grab that cup of coffee, hit the treadmill or save it for your next car ride! If you have any questions for Evelyn, Lea or Shannon then send The Social Project a message on Instagram at @project_social_

Thank you so much for following along with The Social Project. As always, we want to leave you all with a question and a challenge originally written by one of our first episode guests Jenna Stewart – who did you inspire today? Who could you inspire tomorrow? Or maybe you need the inspiring? Whichever or whatever it is get out there and create, spread some empowerment and truth around and lift each other up! You never know what might be brewing, or what magic you might create.

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Until next time,