The Social Podcast // Series 13

October 2, 2019

We’re back, after taking a few months off to pull together some exciting new things hitting The Social Project in the next little while we are back with another episode of The Social Podcast from September.

This time we spent an evening with two incredibly talented individuals, Sam from Snowy River Images and Barry, a local musician known as B Knox. In an attempt to make an 1000 piece puzzle we ended up just talking a lot. Like a lot a lot.

Seriously, we recommend listening to this one while you are cooking, cleaning or in the car! But we promise it’s so so so worth it. Not only do you get to hear a live recording of a song by Barry, you also will learn a lot about music, inspiration, standing out/finding your magic, and we also talked a little bit about the zoo, drywalling, and Australian Westerns (hey! It’s where the conversation led us).

We listened to a lot of different records, chatting about music – taking occasional breaks to just listen to the lyrics or dive deeper into our thoughts on that particular band. Are you a big music fan? We would love to hear your thoughts on one of the questions we asked Sam & Barry. Comment below or tell us on our Instagram post what your top 3 bands are! Of course we also couldn’t resist watching Spellman do a few tricks for us!

We can’t wait for you to listen! And if you have any questions for Sam or Barry send us a message and we will be happy to do a follow up interview for our stories!

Thank you so much for following along with The Social Project. Be sure to follow Snowy River Images & B. Knox Music on Instagram.

As always, we want to leave you all with a question and a challenge originally written by one of our first episode guests Jenna Stewart – who did you inspire today? Who could you inspire tomorrow? Or maybe you need the inspiring? Whichever or whatever it is get out there and create, spread some empowerment and truth around and lift each other up! You never know what might be brewing, or what magic you might create.

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Until next time,