Stop Worrying About What You Should Be Doing, And Start Doing What You Want To Be Doing

December 20, 2018

This might be one of the longest blog post titles I have ever written, but I mean every single word of it. And I am sure by now you can tell I love what I do. But I also find so much inspiration in things that fall outside of planning/designing weddings, working on stationery, or coming up with strategies to help all of my clients with their visual branding. For a while I thought, no I can’t share that because it isn’t relevant to what I DO, but what I do is an extension of me and part of who I am is in fact all of these other things in my life. As entrepreneurs, we are constantly worried about how other people will see us. If I don’t share enough wedding related posts will I not be taken seriously as a wedding planner/designer? If I post too many photos of my dog will my followers be annoyed? But there is something I learned recently that is extremely powerful: you can do whatever the heck you want!

It brings me back to my big WHY in business. Why am I doing this? Sure I love weddings, and design is something I am extremely passionate about, but I am an entrepreneur because it gives me the freedom to truly express myself and do what I want. So why should I worry about hiding parts of my life just because I am afraid it doesn’t line up with what is expected of me? It’s one of the big reasons I don’t have separate accounts or brands for the different sections of my business, because they all make up who I am. For me the point of social media and blogging is for you to get to know me, because at the end of the day that is who you are all booking [whether it’s for a wedding or for the social strategy side of things].

So with that, I wanted to share some of my FAVOURITE photos from our trip to England. I will be doing this in a 3 part blog post, because I don’t want to break the internet with all of the images I have to share [ha ha!] Seriously though, there were so many lush gardens and forests that my finger was totally shutter happy. And a lot of these images have inspired me for my 2019 designs, one in particular that has a total secret garden vibe going on. So I guess in a way, it all comes back full circle doesn’t it?


I chose to show you these photos first because this little corner of England holds a special place in my heart as it is where my Grandma grew up. We still have family here so when we visit it’s nice to spend time with them and experience the countryside at more of a relaxed pace. There are so many little trails full of greenery & wild berries, but at the same time there are tons of open fields with horses roaming about. Not to mention the climb to the top of Crook Peak is one of my favourites and has the most spectacular views at the top and along the way up.

Keep your eyes peeled for more post sharing stories & photos from our travels. I already cannot wait for my next trip to get inspired and see things from a new perspective. Who wants to come with me? I’ll tell you what, I have been working on an extra dreamy photoshoot somewhere across the ocean, so if you are interested send me a message and let’s chat!

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