Unlearning all you've been taught about social media.

Breaking down the fears, stress, comparison, anxiety, and obsession with needing to follow rules set by others to prove your worth & success on Instagram. Providing you with a system and strategy, and giving you back your time so that you can go do what you do best

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price range $150/mo to $500/mo depending on your need

Your Visual Brand Stylist

We offer a variety of monthly packages to best suit your needs when it comes to social media. From our smallest package where we just help you lay out your grid to match your brand vision and let you take it from there, to our biggest package where we handle everything from your imagery, grid layouts, content creation, posting, feed monitoring, analytics and more.

Perfect for:

Small Business Owners, Photographers, Creative Entrepreneurs, Not for Profits, Online Brands, and more

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We aren't here to tell you how many times a week you should be posting, that you need to be doing this and that in order to grow your engagement. Falling into the pressures that Social Media puts on all of us is what is slowly taking away from what is most important, you, your brand, and your relationship with your clients. Our goal is to show you how to create a brand experience for your clients without compromising your time, and honestly your sanity. Social Media should be fun, it should be easy, it shouldn't feel like work because for you it isn't work. Your social channels should always feel like A tool for your brand, not THE tool.

It’s all about the experience your clients get with your brand

what you get




Social Coordination

Content Creation

Visual Branding

Taking it one step further and actually managing your account for you so that you can spend your time focusing on your business & your clients, trusting & knowing that your brand messaging is getting out there properly.

Our monthly process gives you the tools you need to preplan content, topics & posting ideas. We work with you to edit & write depending on your needs, organizing everything to keep it simple and give you the time to do what you do best

We start by uncovering what your magic is. What set's you apart from others, and what message your brand stands for through visual exercises & a full visual strategy.This phase helps with all branding, content curation, and imagery moving forward.

--Pam roca

Kind Words

nutritionist and health coach, barrie

-Ashleigh Mae Clarke

be beauty wellness, barrie

Shannon is so talented and creative with everything that she does. She has been helping me with social media and recently did an amazing brand photography photo shoot that was really fun. Can't wait to book her again for more photos! Highly recommend hiring Shannon for her breath taking weddings, help with socials and brand photography.

Shannon has been helping me with social media for a couple of months now and I'm so impressed. She is truly a flat lay master (I just can't understand how to do it so thank goodness for her). Her wedding & event design is stunning... I can't wait to hire her to do a big event for us. Glad I found her.

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Remember, no one is you and that is your super power. Let's figure out what the magic is and bring that to life.

We can't wait to chat more and learn all about your brand. Finding our clients magic and sharing it through visual brand styling & content coordination is our jam, and you're the peanut butter - so we already know we're the perfect fit.

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