I'm so excited you're here.


Seriously, without people like you I wouldn’t get to wake

up every morning with the biggest smile on my face knowing that I love my job! Love makes me giddy and I want to

surround myself with people in love (in love with each other, in love with what they do, in love with their community)- it’s the best thing. I also love getting pulled into a really incredible story, it is probably why I am addicted to so many TV series and novels. So naturally the main reason I get up every day and do what I do is because of the real life stories around me - more importantly, your story. But before I can get to know your story, I want you to know a bit more about mine.

So fast facts for ya'll. I'm a lover of design + organization. I can’t function properly without a strong cup-of-joe in the mornings. I pull over on the side of the road to take pictures of sunsets. I have an eclectic taste in music and love a good kitchen dance party. I am a proud dog momma to the cutest little fur babies, Annie & Nash, and our house is usually full of other dogs that we are fostering or dog sitting for (actually the crazy dog lady and I love every second). In another life I would have loved to be an interior designer. Horror movies & true crime podcasts are my jam.

To me this saying has so much magic to it. I used to love the phrase "life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself", because every day is a new day you get to make choices, you get to say how you will react to situations and choose to experience life. You get to create the life you want for yourself. You get to create as you speak.

my 2021 phrase of the year: avra kadabra - "i create as i speak"

bucket list

my challenge for the next 30 days

I've never made a lasagna and so I have challenged myself to do so, from scratch, in the next 30 days. Be sure to follow @shannonbellisle on social for a bts video

to the gram!



SB Creative Studio wouldn't be what it is without our Lead Coordinator and Project Manager, Hayley. She takes organization to the next level, has a knack for writing (and editing), and is probably one of the biggest music lovers ever (seriously, challenge accepted). Hayley has been with out team since 2019 and has received rave reviews from couples, vendors & our branding clients who have had the pleasure of working with her.

want to join our team?

follow along: @hayley.sbdesigns


just for you

You might notice I’m wearing a lot of Brunette The Label, and that’s because I absolutely LOVE their products & what they stand for (not to mention their founder Miriam is a huge animal lover like myself). If you use my code “BABESCLUBSHANNON” on your purchase with them you’ll receive a special discount! Happy Shopping 🙂

I can't wait to meet and make some magic together. xx

thanks for

being here

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