Hannah & Andrew Intimate Modern Wedding

April 23, 2019

Ahh these two! I cannot say enough about these two. Hannah is actually the most bubbly, happy, smiley person I think I have ever met – when you are in a room with her you’re immediately happy. Seriously though, her energy is infectious. And when they two lock eyes and smile at each other I can tell their entire world stops for a heart beat.

Hannah & Andrew opted to have an intimate 25 person wedding at one of my favourite new cafes in Barrie, Common Good. With the already modern vintage atmosphere in the cafe decor I knew we could do magical things with this space. And magic we did my friends.

I won’t bore you too much with the details, I will just let you look for yourself.

p.s how cute is Hannah tying Andrews tie for him!!

Did I not tell you it was magical? Don’t get me wrong I love all weddings, but uhm can more people get married like this please?

Here are the deets about this day:

• All of these photos you just looked at and “oo’d” and “awe’d” over, yup they are pretty stunning eh? They are all by Erika Hanchar, give her a follow @erikanataliahanchar

• So not only do they have the most Instagram-worthy space, but their food was actually so good I couldn’t even take a photo because I ate it so quickly AND they finally made my dream of building a champagne tower come true. That’s right, the venue & caterer for this wedding was Common Good Cafe, follow them on Instagram @commongoodcafe

• My absolute favourite thing about working with Forgather Floral Co. is that I can literally draw a rough idea on a piece of paper to try and show them what I am seeing in my head, and they show up on a wedding day and knock it out of the park. Every. Single. Time. If you aren’t already following them I highly recommend you do so @forgatherfloralco

• I was so happy to sit down and catch up with an old friend during dinner, Kat from Wild And Free Films was a magical part of this day as well. Her creative eye never ceases to amaze me, I don’t have the video to share but you can bet your butts as soon as I get my hands on it I will be posting!! Follow Kat’s video talents on social media @wildandfreefilms

• Hannah is looking s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g in in her Eliza J dress from Nordstrom. And her flawless hair and makeup was done by Three Small Rooms Hair Salon.

• Not shown here was the amazing dance party that was only possible with the help of Jamie Williams

• Invitations here were styled by me but actually done by Shutterfly!

What is your favourite part about this shoot? Tell me in the comments below! Dreaming up your own elopement or wedding? Contact me at hello@shannonbellisle.com and we can set up a complimentary consultation over some coffee or wine!

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