England Doors & Gardens Have My Heart

January 14, 2019

I am really excited to be sharing this post with you all today. As I mentioned in my previous post, I will be doing a three part blog serious about our trip to England this past September. There was just so much inspiration every time I turned a corner that I feel so strange not sharing all of these images with you. It’s funny, when I was younger I was a big photo-taker, and I loved making albums on Facebook or even printing photos to put into real albums that sat on my parents shelves. That is such a huge part of my upbringing and who I am that I honestly feel so strange when I have files and files of images and no where to share them. So I figured why not show you a little bit on here!


This was one of those places that every single photo I took never looked half as good as what I was seeing in person. So at one point I put the camera down and decided to just soak it all in. One of my favourite moments from visiting Bath though was going to the famous Sally Lunn’s House for one of her buns and some afternoon tea.

D U N S T E R  C A S T L E

I seriously want to live here. We started by walking through the town and every single house had the most picture perfect doors. Why can’t doors look like this everywhere? Then we walked through the gardens, and I am not kidding they were unbelievable! Like breathtaking. And then the castle itself was like something I dreamt up, every room was stunning in it’s own way and I seriously want to build my forever home modelled after this castle [haha, that’s an achievable goal right?!]


So this quaint little town on the water is one of my Mum’s favourite, and it was so special to get to wander the streets with her and my Great Aunt. Again, some seriously adorable doors!

Once again, keep your eyes peeled for the last post with photos from this trip. I have SO many fun ideas for some wedding designs, if you are planning a wedding and looking to bring someone in to help with your decor send me a message! I’d love to see how we can add some of these ideas into your wedding design.

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